"That Thing is a Killin' Machine" Ralla's review of "Jurassic World"

Imagine my glee when Vincent D'onofrio showed up on the screen during "Jurassic World."  It's been too long since I got to see his quirky takes to the chaos going on around him (much of which his character caused, by the way).  He was given the pivotal line, "That thing is a killin' machine," to clue in the audience that all hell was about to break loose.  The vicious & clever Indominus Rex was on a murderous rampage.  All the park staff were eminently unqualified to deal with such an unforeseeable circumstance.  Predictably Vincent ended up as a choice delicacy for a churlish trained velociraptor.  His attempts to convince the creature that they were both "on the same side" were to no avail.

Brice Dallas Howard played the classic stuck up formal woman of authority.  Her adorable manly love interest, Chris Pratt, told her she couldn't go running around searching for her lost nephews "in those ridiculous shoes."  They were HIGH HEELS--about 2 inches high & almost stiletto.  Her response to his comment was to rip open the top 5 buttons of her shirt to reveal a lavender tank top underneath.  She vigorously rolled up her sleeves and stared him down.  His response was to ask her "What does that mean?"  It meant, of course, that she was ready to roll.  But what about her stilettos?  I made it my mission to get glimpses of her feet, and she made it through the entire adventure WEARING HIGH HEELS.  It proves that women are tougher than men.

Overall, I call this movie a fun romp.  And the T Rex was finally given its due as the heroic one of its species.