"Mad Max Fury Road" by Ralla

or "how to keep your lipstick fresh in the hot dry desert while being chased by very strange beings in stranger vehicles"

where to start.  first of all, the last terrain I want to see is the dystopian desert in the middle of our own heat wave, although it was wonderfully cool inside the movie theater.  with all the murder & mayhem, the most nauseating scene for me was when our hero, the very handsome and endearing tom hardy, put a needle into his own arm to draw blood for some reason.  I had to look away, as in every movie containing such a scene.  

my favorite touch was when the amazingly accurate zinc oxided villain, atop a vaulting pole mounted on an all terrain vehicle moving at a perilously rapid speed, was able to swoop down & delicately snag the lovely breeder girl (perfectly be-lipsticked) back to a certain very unpleasant existence.  

other than that, can't say I much liked this movie.