"Amy"--A Bumpy Ride by Ralla

Although this documentary about Amy Winehouse is a melange of photos, videos and voice overs, it is woven together in such a way that by the end I almost felt I knew her.  The bumpy style of filming fit her style of living.  She lived a messy life, full of obsessive loves and habits, too many drugs, and a childish dependence on a father who milked her talent for his own profit.  The camera was drawn to her from an early age.  Videos of her youthful singing predicted the wondrous talent she would offer to the world during her short musical career.

Amy Winehouse was an apt subject for the many video moments taken by those around her because she seemed to have no personal boundaries.  Her raw authenticity was expressed through her song writing.  Her lyrics hauntingly expressed her dark experiences and feelings.  

The most touching moments came during the recording of the duets with Tony Bennett.  His kindness and patience with the nervous Amy to help both of them produce the best performances were a revelation.  For her it was always about the music.