Spacin' Out at Perkins

I must have seen someone in a tv ad eating pancakes yesterday, because this morning nothing else would do.  I headed over to Perkins by myself and ordered the usual senior special--with pancakes.  While reading my kindle and day dreaming, I poured coffee into my half full glass of ice water.  In shock at what I'd done, I laughed in embarrassment.  Which leads us to the question--if nobody observes you doing something idiotic, should you feel embarrassed?

My first impulse was to cover up what I had done.  When the server came to remove my dishes later, he or she would notice the oddly diluted liquid in my water glass.  So I poured what I could into my coffee cup to camouflage the deed, but was still left with 1/4 glass of very weak coffee in my water glass.  I considered drinking it to get rid of the evidence, but gagged at the prospect.   

So I did what is always best for the soul.  Full confession.  A nice young lady stopped by to take away some of my dishes, and I blurted out the entire episode to her.  She laughed, I'm sure because it is funny when someone else does something stupid.  She kindly offered to bring me another glass of ice water, which I declined.  I was done for the day at Perkins.  And anyway, she said, "I just thought it was apple juice in that glass."